Wizard Expert Options

15 July 2004


It is possible, by selecting expert mode, to modify how the wizard generates the information to be burned to CD.

Set options for your project

This screen gives you several options depending on which license you have:

Choose a template for generated files

Templates are crucial to Conference-CD. A template defines the look and feel of the web pages on your CD. The wizard screen usually gives a thumbnail preview of the appearance of a template.

The type of license you hold determines which templates you can use. Evaluation and Standard license holders can only use the supplied (.htts) templates that include not-too-intrusive phdcc branding. The Evaluation license templates have extra evaluation messages.

Standard license holders can also purchase extra templates from the Conference-CD web site. If you want a new template made available, then please contact us on

Professional Subscription and Consultant Subscription license holders can write their own (.htt) templates, using any support files, images etc that are needed. However this may not be easy, so please ask for help if you need it.

See here for a full technical description of templates.

Configure a contact page

If the tick box is selected on this page, you can enter email contact details to appear on a "mailto" page. A "Contact" button will be inserted in the top menu of all the generated navigation pages in the project.

Enter an introduction to your CD

Text entered on this page will included on the opening page above the menu links. You can include text on any navigation pages in your project by putting a file in the relevant folder called "intro.htt". The file can contain HTML.

Document Types Screen

This gives you the option of scanning or not scanning different file types for inclusion in the search database and in the contents. You can also list the different extensions that determine each file type.

Startup Options

On this screen you can control how the autorun will behave. A window can pop up with a text message and an image (bmp type) that you can specify. You can also specify a "splash" graphic to appear while the application is loading.

Conference-CD can check for different viewer applications on the user's machine while the CD is loading. You can provide information about where the applications can be downloaded or provide the installation programs on the CD.

These startup options will only work when the CD is used on Windows operating systems.