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The Conference-CD system and documentation (Conference-CD) are Copyright © 1997-2010 PHD Computer Consultants Ltd. You must not re-use, decompile or otherwise mis-use the Conference-CD software.

Each CD you produce containing the Conference-CD runtime carries an encrypted licence identifying you or your company as the registered licence holder. Please ensure you purchase an appropriate licence for the Conference-CDs you intend to produce.

License Types

Evaluation License
The Evaluation License gives you the right to evaluate the Conference-CD Evaluation Kit at no charge for 30 days on one computer. The Conference-CD Evaluation Kit is to be used for evaluation purposes only and no generated images nor CDs may be distributed.

While the Conference-CD Evaluation Kit is fully functional, there are various limits. The number of source files processed by the system is limited to 5. The number of image files indexed by the search engine is limited to 60. CDs created using the Evaluation license will function correctly for 30 days only.

If you do not subsequently purchase a full license, you must delete all copies of the Evaluation Kit software, documentation, and any generated output from your computers and destroy any CDs or other media produced.

You are permitted to distribute the Evaluation Kit in its entirety without change, but you are not permitted to incorporate it into any other product.

Contact us for a Temporary License if you want to release these limits for a short period. With the Evaluation and Temporary licences, text will be inserted on all generated pages stating that the CD has been generated with un-licensed software.

Standard License
A Standard License permits the use of the Conference-CD system to process the documentation for any number of conferences and generate an image directory that can either be burnt to CD or DVD, or loaded to the Web.

A Standard License does not permit the custom modification of any part of the image generated by the Conference-CD system and, indeed, if the image is modified, certain elements of the generated image will not function.

Images generated under a Standard License carry PHDCC publicity messages that may not be removed by custom modification of the image. Such publicity messages can be removed and other customisations effected by purchasing additional plug-in software elements that will be made available in the future. PHDCC publicity messages may also be removed by buying a Professional Subscription or Consultant Subscription License.

A Standard License may be used without time limit and entitles you to support and minor upgrades during the year after purchase.

Professional Subscription License
A Professional Subscription License permits the use of the Conference-CD system to process the documentation for any number of conferences during one year.

The Professional Subscription license lets you use one brand on all CDs created - please email the required brand text to [email protected] and we will send you a brand file by return.

A Professional Subscription License is for the use of a single Content Owner. If you wish to produce CDs for many Content Owners, then you must buy a Consultant Subscription License. The "Content Owner" is the overall source of the information being presented at a given conference.

A Professional Subscription License includes the branding of the generated image with a single brand name. This brand name may not be changed and will be displayed to the user of any CDs produced.

A Professional Subscription License permits the custom modification of the generated image (other than modification of the chosen brand name). All plug-in features available to Standard License holders at additional cost are included at no extra charge with a Professional Subscription License.

Purchasing a Professional Subscription License entitles you to support and all upgrades during the year after purchase.

Consultant Subscription License
A Consultant Subscription License permits the use of the Conference-CD system to process the documentation for any number of conferences during one year.

A Consultant Subscription License permits the branding of the generated image with any brand name, or no brand name.

A Consultant Subscription License permits the generation of images on behalf of many Content Owners. The "Content Owner" is the overall source of the information being presented at a given conference.

Purchasing a Consultant Subscription License entitles you to support and all upgrades during the year after purchase.

Overview of Licenses

License type Branding Customisation Source Files Max. Search Files Upgrades
Evaluation none none 5 60 -
Standard none extra purchase unlimited unlimited minor for one year
one brand unlimited unlimited unlimited all for one year
unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited all for one year


License type Duration Recommended Retail Price
Evaluation 30 days -
Standard unlimited USD $29
Professional Subscription one year USD $99
Consultant Subscription one year USD $499

If your use of Conference-CD will promote social or environmental benefit, get in touch for special pricing at our discretion.


The Conference-CD search engine works most efficiently on CD-ROMs where the large search database files can be accessed quickly.

PHDCC makes no representation that the image loaded to the web is suitable for viewing via a modem connection. In particular, the search engine database can be sizeable and incur an extended download time. A server-based search engine technology may be made available at a future date.


When you purchase a license you just receive a license code - you do not receive a copy of the software. Just plug the license code into the latest version of the evaluation development kit - in Conference-CD-Wizard and follow the instructions.

If you purchase a Professional Subscription license, please also email your required brand name to [email protected] and we will send you a brand file by return.

Keep checking the PHD Conference-CD sites for upgrades.

Either purchase direct from PHD or from one of our distributors. Sales from PHD direct are at the recommended retail prices above.

Online credit card sales are also available at our sales distributor ComponentSource.

Please read the full Conference-CD license.

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Additional Services

We can provide other services on a time and materials basis. Our hourly rate is reasonable and we provide fully itemised quotations on which you can base your decision. The following list is based on an "average" scope of work and will vary depending on the type of material and required format.

Produce a "burnable" CD image based on information provided in a suitable form US$180
Arrange "raw" information following your outline scheme to produce a "burnable" CD image. Using only documents and image files provided (i.e. not graphical manipulation) US$360
Get CDs produced from a "burnable" image, including printing on CD and a plain jewel case. US$900 + US$2.70 per CD
Proof-reading and spell checking very dependent on material
Translation very dependent on material
Audio Transcription very dependent on material and quality of recording
"Tagging" images with searchable text. (You must provide a list cross-referencing each image with the relevant search words) US$2.70 per image

Other Information

If there are features missing from Conference-CD then please let us know. We may use your suggestions in the next release. Alternatively pay us to do the enhancements that you really really want. Some of our best ideas have come from our users.

You may redistribute unaltered copies of the Conference-CD evaluation development kit. Please let us know if you do this, so we can keep people informed of any new releases.


NO WARRANTIES. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, PHD Computer Consultants Ltd expressly disclaims any warranty for this software. This software and its documentation are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk arising out of use or performance of this software remains with you.

NO LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall PHD Computer Consultants Ltd or its suppliers be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profit, loss of business information, business interruption, or any other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use or inability to use this PHD Computer Consultants Ltd product.

PHD will make a reasonable attempt to answer any queries from licensed users concerning Conference-CD and its usage.

You can have a full refund if you have a legitimate problem with the software within 30 days of purchase. Any other refunds are at our discretion, must be made with 30 days and are subject to an administration fee, provided you confirm that you have destroyed all copies of the license code.