Eject-CD: Taskbar tool to eject a CD or DVD


Eject-CD is a taskbar tool to let users of your CD eject it easily - freeware for Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP.

The Eject-CD runtime is normally put on your CD and AutoRun when the CD is inserted into a Windows computer. The Eject-CD icon is displayed in the taskbar notification area. If the user clicks on the Eject-CD icon, a menu appears with an option such as "Eject CD in F:" - clicking on this ejects the CD. Eject-CD exits when the CD is removed.

Eject-CD tries very hard to eject the CD. However there is a chance that it might not work. If in doubt, use your finger on the drive button...

Ejecting a CD may cause programs running from the CD to crash or exit. For example, a browser displaying a file on the CD may close its window.

Do you want an option to eject the CD automatically if the user shuts down the computer?

Download and Licence

Eject-CD freeware  v1.0.0.2  October 30 2003       Windows application

Download the Eject-CD freeware runtime file EjectCD.exe - approx 30kB. This runtime file is authenticode signed by PHD Computer Consultants Ltd.

There is no install and uninstall facility: simply save the Eject-CD runtime somewhere and put a copy on your CD as described below.

You may use Eject-CD for free on any number of CDs or DVDs.
Eject-CD is Copyright © 2003 PHD Computer Consultants Ltd. Email phdcc support
This software is provided "as is" with no warranty. No liability for consequential damages is accepted. Use at your own risk.


To use Eject-CD on a CD, put EjectCD.exe in the root folder of your CD and write a plain text file called AUTORUN.INF with this in:

If you use phdcc ShellRun software, then you can also run Eject-CD as follows: use the next spare filenameN entry in ShRun.INF, eg:


Runtime options

If you run Eject-CD on a non-CD drive, then its menu option says "Drive C: is not removable".

Normally Eject-CD works for the drive on which it is running. However, you can specify another drive by specifying it in a parameter, eg:

	EjectCD.exe E:

If the Eject-CD drive is a CD drive but there is no CD present then the menu option says "No CD in drive E:".

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