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findinsite-cd - News

Java 8

FindinSite-CD runs OK in all Java 8 releases.

17 January 2014: Java 7 update 51

FindinSite-CD now works again with this version of Java when running on a CD, DVD or other local file system.

23 October 2013: Java 7 update 45

FindinSite-CD does not work with this version of Java when running on a CD, DVD or other local file system; it does work online at a website. It shows an error with a detail of "java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException".

At the moment there is no workaround for this problem sorry. The only advice we have is to revert to an earlier version of Java using one of the links below.

Apologise for this problem which is caused by Oracle breaking Java yet again.

September 2013: Java recent versions

The latest three versions of the Java Runtime Environment (Java browser plugin) have each stopped FindinSite-CD from working: Java versions 7u21, 7u25 and 7u40. A new version of FindinSite-CD has been produced after each change, but this does not help people with existing CDs or DVDs. phdcc has submitted a bug report to Oracle to ask for the latest Java changes to be reversed or changed.

FindinSite-CD producers

The organisation that used FindinSite-CD to produce your CD or DVD may be able to provide you with an update with the latest version of FindinSite-CD.

This latest version (6.20) is available at the standard download link. Install this over your existing installation and re-make the search page, ticking the "Copy FindinSite-CD runtime to this directory". Restart your browser and check that the search page uses the latest version. Burn onto CD or DVD and test again.

FindinSite-CD users

If your FindinSite-CD search does not work, please revert to an earlier version of Java. To do this you must uninstall the current version and install an earlier version - and stop Java from automatically updating itself.

The current release is 7u40. Go here to see the list of older Java versions. Depending on what how recent your CD is, you may need to go back as far as 7u17. Clcik on these links to find the Java Runtime Environment downloads - you will need to choose the link that matches your computer:

Once the older version is installed, find the Java Control Panel and turn off automatic updates.

September 2013: Firefox 23

Firefox 23 does not allow Java to run locally (ie on CD or on your computer).
Please update to Firefox 24 (released 17 September 2013) to fix this problem.

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