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findinsite-cd word highlighting to a new window

Sorry, your browser is not set up to run Java applets.
How to get a Java VM.

If using Internet Explorer, you may need to allow blocked active content using the Information Bar - see here.
Or better still... go to Tools+Internet Options+Advanced tab then tick "Allow active content from CDs" and/or "Allow active content to run in files".

If viewing this page online, then most browsers will ask you to to allow popups (temporarily or always) to be able to see highlighted hits.

Display pages in new windows

In this example, FindinSite-CD uses a new browser window to display each result page.  FindinSite-CD does the word highlighting without showing a popup window.  Word highlighting only works in Internet Explorer 4 or later for Windows and some other browsers.

To get this behaviour, set the target parameter to _blank, eg add this line to the standard search page:
<PARAM NAME=target VALUE="_blank">

Main search page, with links to other examples

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