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Getting started with findinsite-cd

  1. Get the FindinSite-CD development kit.
    The following steps will only work if you have downloaded this kit.

  2. Try out FindinSite-CD.

    You can see it running now providing a full text search of this FindinSite-CD documentation.
    This example will only run slowly online, as the search database files are too big for net use.

    Read the FindinSite-CD user instructions for details of all the different types of search that you can carry out.

  3. Run FindinSite-CD-Wizard to build a search database for your CD. FindinSite-CD-Wizard scans these file types:

    Type Description Extensions Extra scan software Viewer software More information
    HTML Web page *.htm *.html   Browser FindinSite-CD-Wizard Character sets
    PDF Adobe® Portable Document Format *.pdf   Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Support
    DOC Microsoft® Word document *.doc *.docx *.rtf MS-Word 97/2000+ MS-Word, Word Viewer or WordPad  
    XLS Microsoft® Excel document *.xls *.xlsx MS-Excel 5/97/2000+ MS-Excel, Excel Viewer  
    PPT Microsoft® PowerPoint document *.ppt *.pps *.pptx MS-PowerPoint 97/2000+ MS-PowerPoint, Powerpoint Viewer  
    TXT Non-word processed text *.txt   Browser  
    JPEG/TIFF Image meta-data *.jpg *.jpeg *.tif *.tiff GDI+ JPEG: browser  

    If you want to build a search database using a Java application, consult the Findex page. Findex also finds meta-data information for field searches, and also indexes RDF/XML meta-data files.

  4. Use FindinSite-CD-Wizard to set up a FindinSite-CD search page to work with your search database.
    FindinSite-CD-Wizard will also copy the necessary FindinSite-CD program files to the search page directory.
    FindinSite-CD-Wizard makes it easy to group all the FindinSite-CD files in a subdirectory.

  5. FindinSite-CD-Wizard can show your search page in your default browser.

  6. Read the full Screen layout instructions to see if you need to customise your search page.
    You can change the search page that FindinSite-CD-Wizard generates by editing the search template file.

  7. Try your search page out in other browsers.

  8. Copy all the relevant information on to your CD and test again.

  9. To run FindinSite-CD, your users must have a Java Virtual Machine (VM) for their browser. We suggest that you put a copy of our instructions on your CD (online at How to get a Java VM).

  10. For your final release, make sure you use a completely blank CD to make your master copy.
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