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phdcc.ContactForm contact form for DotNetNuke (DNN) 5

DNN 5 private assembly module: Download phdcc.ContactForm version 1.0.7 - See form in action

This module provides a configurable DNN contact form.

Standard form fields, as seen by a user

* means a required field, unless optionally removed.


A crucial feature is the ability to set up one or more categories of contact, each with one or more different email addresses, eg:

The actual recipient emails are hidden from the user - and are not included in the copy email.


Configuring the contact form
Configuring the contact form screenshot

Configuration options

Per instance

Categories per instance

Customisable/Localisable text strings

Appearance customisation

The appearance of the form can be customised in many ways by altering the module.css file.


To do


Version history

29 April 2011, v1.0.5, Chris Cant, first release.

3 May 2011, v1.0.6, Chris Cant, Header information and instructions aren't wrapped in a SPAN.

3 May 2011, v1.0.7, Chris Cant, Message has correct associated label.


This software is freeware but Copyright © 2011 PHD Computer Consultants Ltd. Any donations welcome.

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