Version History

Program Issue Version Date Comments
Conference-CD-Wizard 1.7 Sept 11 2009 Changed folder and file names used consistently
  1.6 June 21 2007 Index gets correct title from PDF files
  1.5 April 27 2006 Test mode: Bug fixed: Test mode changes lost in some circumstances
Test mode: Commas not allowed in titles
Test mode: test mode changes count zeroed after save
  1.4 April 20 2006 PowerPoint to HTML conversion: Bug fix: slide order now correct
  1.3 July 16 2004 Test mode supported to rearrange and rename files on CD
  1.2 1.2 June 24 2004 Revised template handling: Evaluation and Standard licenses use signed archives
Professional Brand obtained from file supplied by phdcc
Changes in edit box picked up when Browse button pressed
Check that wizard not corrupted
Do not call "Quit()" on PowerPoint
Title obtained from web pages when charset not set
CD startup: ConfCDGo given correct instructions to make it work with Mozilla
Files in CD image generated from template: README.TXT, index.html and aGoodPlaceToStart.htm
Template wrapped round web page body if META CONFCDWRAP present
  1.1 1.1 May 6 2004 Licence types updated
Contact page added: options set in expert mode. Contact template added.
Default templates include file intro.htt if present in a folder
CD Introduction wizard page added.
%INCLUDE:file% template variable supported
Template: main action background images made smaller
Branding options added
Hidden files not included in contents
Minor changes to wording
CDs/DVDs allowed as source folder
  1.0 1.0 April 3 2004 First release with Conference-CD
Search indexer
1.2 May 28 2004 Do not call "Quit()" on Office applications
  1.0 February 23 2004 First release with Conference-CD
Search PDF indexer
1.4 February 9 2006 Various bug fixes
  1.0 October 3 2003 First release with Conference-CD
ConfCDGo 1.1 May 5 2004 Show time reduced to 5 seconds
Conference-CD icon used.
Branding added
  1.0 February 22 2004First release with Conference-CD
Conference-CD Search 1.3 5.04c1 July 6 2004 XP SP2 workaround
  1.1 5.03c2 April 29 2004 Licence types updated
  1.0 5.03c March 31 2004 First release with Conference-CD
Conference-CD-Wizard Test Mode helper 1.5 1.1 April 27 2006 Disallow commas in titles
  1.3 1.0 July 15 2004 First release

Known Bugs