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Software tools for e-media publishing

phdcc eMedia tools make it easy to produce professional CDs, DVDs, USB-devices and web sites

  • Start your Windows CDs/DVDs cleanly with shellrun
  • Add a search engine to your CD or DVD with the findinsite-cd Java applet
  • Put a database/ASP/ASP.NET web site on your Windows CD, DVD or USB-stick using dynamic-cd
  • Put your conference proceedings on CD/DVD professionally with conference-cd

  • Search your web site using findinsite-ms - ASP.NET application for MS servers and hosting.
  • Use the findinsite-js Java servlet search engine on your web site

  • Use seesearchwords to highlight search words entered into search engines and DotNetNuke (DNN)
  • phdcc.Data - general purpose DNN data handling, including a form-generator with multi-language support
  • phdcc.CodeModule - a programmable/customisable DNN module

  • Download free and evaluation development kits of our software
  • Email us with any sales or support question
  • Ask for a temporary evaluation licence

  • FindinSite.TextExtractor finds plain text in many file types - class library for ASP.NET


Put your database-powered website on CD, DVD or USB-memory-device

dynamic-cd: database/ASP web server on CD and DVD
Not so long ago it was relatively easy to burn your website onto a CD-ROM and expect it to work just like it does on the Internet.

Today things are different - most websites use dynamic pages that are constructed and customised by a web server.  Web pages saved to CD no longer display correctly because the browser isn't able to do the work of the server.

dynamic-cd changes all that by acting as a web server for ASP or ASP.NET pages on a CD/DVD/USB-stick.
dynamic-cd provides ASP scripting in VBScript, supports ActiveX components, cookies and session variables, and password-protects and encrypts your scripts. supports ASP.NET 2.0 or later, along with local databases, password-protection of files - all set up up very quickly using dynamic-cd-wizard.

In other words, you can burn your database-powered website to a CD, DVD or USB-stick and send your catalog or shopping cart out to your customers.

dynamic-cd supports dynamic Dreamweaver MX® sites.

Click here to learn more about dynamic-cd   Click here to find out more about dynamic-cd.


The full text search engine for CDs and DVDs

FindInSite-cd: Search engine for CD and DVD
findinsite-cd is a platform-independent Java tool that searches HTML, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, TXT and image files.

findinsite-cd makes your CDs and DVDs much more user-friendly.  No need to install any software - simply type in search text, click a button, and the results are displayed.  Clicking on a page title brings up that page with the search words highlighted.

findinsite-cd works in 24 western languages, 3 Asian languages and Arabic.  findinsite-cd supports standard searches, wildcards, adjacent words, logical (AND OR NOT), synonyms, and word stemming.  findinsite-cd is fully customisable to meet a variety of publishing needs.

Use findinsite-cd-wizard to scan your web pages and build the search database.  findinsite-cd-wizard also builds a search web page and launches your browser to test it.  Both findinsite-cd-wizard and findinsite-cd run fast and cope well with large sites.

Whether you are publishing CDs on a large or on a small scale, findinsite-cd adds value with powerful and easy searching.

Click here to learn more about findinsite-cd   Find out more now about findinsite-cd - free version available.


Start your CD or DVD professionally

ShellRun: Start your CD or DVD professionally
shellrun displays a chosen file or program when a CD, DVD or USB-stick is first inserted into a Windows computer.

shellrun can be used with any type of file - HTML web page, PDF Acrobat, Word or Excel document, videos, MP3 track ...

The freeware version shows a popup window briefly as it displays your chosen file.
The retail version allows you to configure the popup window or remove it, provide a menu of options, and configure a range of other features.

Click here to learn more about shellrun   Find out more about shellrun - free version available.


ASP.NET Search engine for an MS-hosted web site

FindInSite-ms: Search engine for ASP.NET
  • findinsite-ms is a custom search engine for your web site
  • ASP.NET web application for IIS MS servers
  • Fully customisable to integrate with your site
  • findinsite-ms doesn't show ads from your competitors
  • Schedule regular indexing runs to update the search databases
  • Searches HTML, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, TXT, JPEG and TIFF files
  • Search words highlighted in web pages
  • Great international support - user interface in 29 languages
  • Search API interface for complete control - XML web service

Click here to learn more about findinsite-ms   Full details of findinsite-ms - free version available.


Java servlet Search engine for a web site

FindInSite-js: Java servlet Search engine
findinsite-js gives you complete control of indexing and the look and feel of the search results:
  • Keep your search engine up to date: schedule findinsite-js to index your web site or intranet regularly, with a report emailed automatically.  Administrators can then feel assured that their search engine is up to date with everyone's changes.

  • Easily customised:  The findinsite-js output can be customised using template files and variables.

  • Word highlighting:  Search words are highlighted in result web pages.

  • Great international support:  The search screens are automatically shown in the user's preferred language: 29 languages are supported.

  • findinsite-js is a Java servlet Web Application that is easy to deploy in any Java servlet engine or application server.  findinsite-js has been tested in Apache Tomcat and JServ, BEA WebLogic Server, Borland Enterprise Server, IBM WebSphere, Macromedia JRun, Sun iPlanet Web Server and Sun ONE Application Server.

Click here to learn more about findinsite-js   Full details of findinsite-js - free version available.

Other phdcc software tools:

FindInSite-ms: Search engine for ASP.NET
Search engine for ASP.NET
Click here to learn more about findinsite-ms
FindInSite-cd: Search engine for CD and DVD
Search engine for CD and DVD
Click here to learn more about findinsite-cd
dynamic-cd: database/ASP/ASP.NET web server on CD, DVD or USB stick
Database/ASP/ASP.NET web server on CD, DVD and USB-stick
Click here to learn more about dynamic-cd
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