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Conferences app overview

Conferences app icon Get an interactive guide to your conference in a mobile app from PHDCC - fully customisable with your programme of events.

  • Saves the cost of a printed programme
  • Programme can be changed at any time, even on the day
  • Send notification messages to alert attendees
  • Users can choose talks to build My Programme
  • Home page automatically updates during day to show What's Next
  • Optional link to paper PDF for each event
  • Directions, Feedback and Sponsor pages provided
  • Understands time zones: the time is right!
  • Organiser console website for event organisers
  • Available for phones and tablets on Apple iPhone/iPad (iOS9+) and Android 4.4+
  • Free to conference attendees
  • Privacy: no identifiable user data stored (unless you send in feedback) - policy

Get in touch

  • Free version in development: supports up to 5 events
  • Check out our Papers online submission tool for academic papers

AVAILABLE SOON: download the conferences app, type in your conference code, then start planning...

Screenshot of the conference event app on Apple iPhone 5S and Android Nexus 5X

Example conference

IRCOBI app home screen launcher icon The International Research Council on Biomechanics of Injury (IRCOBI) runs a conference each year in Europe and in Asia. In September 2018, around 250 academics and industry professionals attended their Athens conference, with over 100 papers presented in 18 sessions over three days, with the usual meals and dinner.

IRCOBI used a conference app from PHDCC to provide the programme to attendees - and inform them of any last minute guidance. There was no need to produce a costly printed programme, and they could make changes and announcements before, during and after the conference.

The 2018 IRCOBI conference is already history. Just to give you a short feedback on the new app: everybody was happy with it. Thanks again for your work!
The app worked well and was received as a useful tool.

What do you want?


  • Add: an interactive mode to submit questions to a panel
  • Add: Notification for each My Programme event
  • Add: Notepad for each event
  • Add: Photo for each event
  • Add: List of locations, linked from each event, with map
  • Add: rate each presentation; send link for overall evaluation
  • Add: speaker profile
  • Add: internationalise
  • Add: report objectionable content option


  • Add: Agree to keep user data confidential & that you have permission to publish content
  • Add: ICS import/export
  • Add: EventBrite support through their API and app


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