Conferences Organiser console Pricing (current)

Conferences app pricing

To get started with your app, get in touch with PHDCC who will ask for basic information about your conference and set up your organiser console.

The Conferences app is free for anyone to use. Anyone who knows your conference code can access your conference in the app.

As a conference organiser, it's free to get started with your conference app. IN DEVELOPMENT.

  • Free: up to 5 live events in one live conference - using conferences app - Free
  • Organiser: up to 50 live events in three conferences - using conferences app - £250 per year
  • Impresario: unlimited events and conferences - using conferences app - £500 per year
  • Pro: unlimited events and conferences in a custom app with your own branding - £1000 per year *

* A standard custom app will usually be made available within a week; ask us if you need extra features, and we'll tell you how they will take to produce.

Terms of use

  1. Use the Conferences app system to provide information about your conference or events.
  2. All provided conference information is made publicly available, ie anyone old enough* can install and use the conferences app (if they have the conference code) or any custom app.
  3. Submitted feedback by app users is passed to the conference organisers. If you are a conference organiser, you must keep that data confidential.
  4. Apart from this, no personal information is stored by PHDCC for each app user - see our policy.
  5. The conferences data server and organiser console is hosted in UK.
  6. Provided conference information and messages must be suitable for anyone aged 13 or over.
  7. PHDCC reserves the right to refuse any conference or organiser that is deemed unsuitable for any reason.
  8. PHDCC can access all conference information at any time, but cannot guarantee that organiser-generated information is suitable.
  9. PHDCC will remove any objectionable content promptly - please report any concerns.
  10. Unless specifically listed as a PHDCC event, PHDCC does not run any listed conference and is not liable in any way for the actions of the conference organisers, attendees or similar.

* The app age rating and app store policies determine who can install the app. As there is "user-generated content" by organisers, we set up the app with a minimum age of 12 or 13 depending on the country.

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Conferences app launcher icon