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findinsite-cd 搜索 cd  简体中文 - Simplified Chinese support

搜索 cd 是一个全面搜索文件的装置,支持 HTML, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, TXT。 它不受平台限制, 可以在许多流揽器上使用。

搜索 cd上的java applet 是一个功能强大的搜索工具,词语被置亮。

用提供的搜索 cd简便法工具来流揽你的网页, 制作或编辑搜索数据库。 它可以搜索cd上的页。搜索 cd简便法可以流揽GB2312, HZ-GB-2312, BIG5字体。


See also: Chinese FindinSite-CD Traditional Chinese support.

Screenshot of FindinSite-CD running in Simplified Chinese
Screenshot of FindinSite-CD running in Simplified Chinese
基本搜索 这个搜索工具的结果将会显示所有包含有搜索单词的页面,而不论你所查找的单词在文本中的什么地方。
词干和同义词 对throw的搜索将会得到throws、thrower、throwers……
大写字母及单词 使用单引号来匹配,例如:'Mexico'
相连的单词 使用双引号来匹配,例如:“Mexico City”
逻辑搜索 使用“和”、“或”、“不”及圆括号()进行逻辑搜索。
模糊查询 用通配符?来代替一个字母,用通配符*代替任意几个字母。例如,mexic?mex*都会得到mexico
最近查询 点击Esc按钮,会到上次查询的结果。
索引 如果愿意,点击Indexes更改索引。
语言 如果愿意,点击Languages更改FindinSite-CD用户的语言界面。
帮助 点击Help以获得提示、FindinSite-CD的具体内容以及当前的索引的相关信息。
高光显示 在大多数的浏览器中,FindinSite-CD能将搜索的单词在显示的页面中以高光的形式出现。在IE4及以上的版本中,FindinSite-CD还加上了导航箭头(≤和≥)以让你能在不同的匹配单词中来回移动。

Chinese Chinese support

FindinSite and Findex support Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters.
  • FindinSite-CD-Wizard and Findex can scan web pages in the GB2312, HZ-GB-2312 and BIG5 character sets.
  • FindinSite-CD-Wizard and Findex can scan MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint files containing Chinese characters.
  • However, FindinSite-CD-Wizard may not be able to scan PDF files containing Chinese characters.
  • FindinSite has Simplified Chinese and a Traditional Chinese user interfaces, using language files.

To see this in action your computer and browser must support Chinese character sets.

FindinSite-CD-Wizard Windows set up tool

Screen shot of FindinSite-CD-Wizard editing Chinese characters FindinSite-CD-Wizard's user interface is always in English. However, it can scan Chinese character set web pages even if your computer does not have Chinese character sets installed. If you are running on a Chinese PC then you will be able to view and edit in Chinese. If not, then you can still edit the search database - if you take care. See the Character sets page for full details of viewing and editing.

Read the Character sets page for details of how to set up Windows 2000 and XP to view and edit in Chinese.

FindinSite-CD Java applet

FindinSite-CD is the Java applet that you distribute to your customers on CD-ROM.

FindinSite-CD has a Chinese user interface and will work with Chinese characters. Two user interfaces are available, one in Simplified Chinese and one in Traditional Chinese. The correct user interface should be chosen automatically. However you can switch between the two using the Options button (選項).

Your customers must have a computer with Chinese character set support to see the Chinese characters. They also must have a browser Java implementation that supports Chinese. See the Character sets page for details of how to set up Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator to display Chinese characters.

Implementation details

See the characters sets page for full details of the supported Chinese character sets.

Chinese characters are translated from the supported Chinese web character sets into Unicode. These Unicode characters are stored in the FindinSite search database in UTF-8 format.

Chinese full-width western characters are translated into the base Western character code. Similarly, all half-width Katakana and Hangul characters are translated into their standard width character codes. Other useful character code translations are also done.

All non-Western characters are treated as single words by FindinSite. For example, the two characters in the word "Chinese" (中文) are separate words, 中 and 文. However, if you search for 中文 then FindinSite will effectively put double quotes around these characters, so that only instances of these two characters together will be found. If you want to find all instances of 中 and 文 on a page, then search for 中 文, ie with a space in between.

Note that all HTML tag names and HTML tag attribute names must be in Western characters, ie in the Unicode range \u0000 to \u00FF inclusive. And all web page names and target frame names must be in English. For example, the following line is accepted by FindinSite and Findex:
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="中文">
In this example, META is a tag name, and NAME and CONTENT are tag attribute names.

Currently there are no Chinese stop word files.

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