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findinsite-cd screen shots

Screenshot of FindinSite-CD In this screen shot, someone has just searched for the text cd-roms.

8 pages have been found.

If you click on the HTML CDs link then the page cdroms.htm is shown with all the search words highlighted, ie cd, roms and similar words.

If the Subsets button is available, press this to choose the subsets to include in your search.

FindinSite-CD chooses the most appropriate language for your locale. Pressing Languages lets you choose different one.

Pressing Help displays instructions.

If an Indexes button is available, then press this to choose between different search indexes.

FindinSite-CD-Wizard screen shots

This screen shot shows FindinSite-CD-Wizard in the process of editing a search database.

The user has opted just to see words that have all upper case capital letters that start with the letter "C".

Note how some of the words have been deleted.

FindinSite-CD-Wizard screenshot

FindinSite-CD-Wizard Pages screenshot Page editing

FindinSite-CD-Wizard also lets you edit the pages in a search database

You can edit the title, URL, Base URL, target, priority and abstract.

If you press Delete then the page and all the words it contains are deleted.

The Priority field can be used to re-order the FindinSite-CD results list. You can set the Priority using the custom META phd-spy-priority tag.

FindinSite-CD-Wizard Base URLs screenshot Base URL editing

A Base URL is the prefix that is applied to all page URLs.

So if the Base URL is and the page URL is shots.htm, the full URL used is

Note that in most cases, you will just want to leave the Base URL for each page as <None> so that the pages in the current directory as shown.

Language support

Languages supported by FindinSite-CD The FindinSite-CD runtime supports many languages, and FindinSite-CD-Wizard recognises characters from most web pages etc.

See the Languages page for details of how to add or amend languages, and other options.

Japanese examples

Screenshot of FindinSite-CD running in Japanese This is a screen shot of FindinSite-CD running in Japanese.

FindinSite-CD-Wizard screen shot editing Japanese This is a screen shot of a small portion of the FindinSite-CD-Wizard, editing a mixed English/Japanese search database. FindinSite-CD-Wizard correctly shows the Japanese characters and lets you edit them. This was run in Windows 2000 with the default system locale set to Japanese.

FindinSite-CD-Wizard still works in a non-Japanese system locale with this search database, even though it cannot display the characters correctly. See the Character sets page for full details.

Chinese examples

Screenshot of FindinSite-CD with a Simplified Chinese user interface This is a screen shot of FindinSite-CD running with a Simplified Chinese user interface.

Screenshot of FindinSite-CD with a Traditional Chinese user interface This is a screen shot of FindinSite-CD running with a Traditional Chinese user interface.

Editing Chinese characters in FindinSite-CD-Wizard In the same way as for Japanese, FindinSite-CD-Wizard will let you edit Chinese characters directly, provided your system default locale is Chinese. You can still edit characters in other default locales, but the characters will not be displayed correctly.

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