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Papers is an online system that lets authors submit abstracts and papers for academic journals and conferences - with comprehensive peer review, editing and administration facilities available to the organisers.

Software version details

The following versions have been produced. Anyone using the generic Papers system hosted by phdcc will always be updated to use the latest version.

Version Date Details
7.x-1.10 2020-01-22 Support review associate editors
Reminders now sent after 10 days, with associate editor reminder sent after 14 days
7.x-1.9 2019-10-07 Let rejected authors read review
Remove abstract subject and add Topics and Body Regions
Change Abstract scoring to use Conflict-of-interest and Insufficient background to judge
Add Young Research Award abstract field with reporting
7.x-1.8 2019-03-26 Issue reminders to first reviewers after 21 days
7.x-1.7 2019-02-26 Record when paper sent to reviewers
"Download reviewer performance" option added
7.x-1.6 2017-12-29 Work within bootstrap theme
7.x-1.5 2016-08-25 List users who can review in downloaded summary
7.x-1.4b 2015-12-16 Count abstract words correctly
7.x-1.5 Asia Asia conference version
7.x-1.4a 2015-09-22 Fix for council member adding abstract
7.x-1.4 2015-07-13 Support abstract sections and anonymous abstracts download
7.x-1.3a 2014-11-24 Turn off email to council members when abstract sent for scoring
7.x-1.3 2014-07-23 Displays better on mobile devices for non-admin roles
Download summary info option provided
Subject field added to Short Communications
7.x-1.2a 2014-05-11 Send download file in chunks to avoid out of memory
7.x-1.2 2014-04-06 Submit a review appearing incorrectly
Editorial committee fixes
7.x-1.1 2014-03-07 Rename "Year stage options" to "Stage options"
Add abstract review support
7.x-1.0 2014-02-24 First full release