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    Most people only want to use ShellRun on a CD.  However it can also be used at a Windows DOS prompt or using Start+Run.  The first way of running ShellRun is as follows:
    ShellRun <filename> [<optional_start_up_message>]
    In this case, the filename must be relative to the directory where ShellRun.exe resides, or an absolute path.  In practice this is not very useful, so specify -c after the filename when your filename is relative to the current directory:
    ShellRun <filename> -c
    Unless you put the ShellRun directory on your PATH, you may have to use the full pathname to run ShellRun, eg:
    "C:\Program Files\PHD\ShellRun\ShellRun.exe" index.html -c
    ShellRun can be used from the command prompt in both the freeware and retail versions.
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