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    Download the freeware development kit if you want to test the basic ShellRun features.  There is no way to evaluate the extra features of the retail version before purchasing a licence.
    ShellRun lets you start your CD, DVD or USB-memory-stick professionally on a Windows computer: 
    • ShellRun lets your user know that the CD is starting
    • ShellRun then displays a file or program of your choice.
    • ShellRun will display a web page when a CD is inserted - or any other file type such as PDFs.
    • Or use ShellRun's menu of command buttons to show available options
    Screenshot of the retail version of ShellRun popup window

    Screenshot of the ShellRun popup window with menu
(retail version)

    The AutoRun basics page explains why ShellRun is needed, and cautions that AutoRun may have been disabled so you should always provide instructions for viewing your CD/DVD/USB manually.  (Also see the HTML CDs article.)

    The freeware version of ShellRun displays a simple popup window and shows one file of your choice.

    Using the retail version features

    To use the many features in the retail version of ShellRun, follow the basic instructions.  For full information on the advanced features, follow the links on this page or use the menu on the left.  Also see the full list of parameters.

    Configurable popup window

    There are many screen options for the popup window:
    • Maximise, move or resize the popup window.
    • Change or move the icon image in the popup window.
    • Change or move the text, including its size and colour.
    • Specify a URL seen if the user clicks in the popup window.
    • Remove the popup window.
    • Add a splash image, centred on the user's screen.

    Show a menu of command button options

    More options

    Viewer checking

    ShellRun helps you cope gracefully if a user does not have a suitable file viewer installed.  For example, if you are trying to display a PDF file, then the user must have Adobe™ Acrobat Reader or equivalent installed.
    • Display a warning message.
    • Let the user go to web site to get an viewer, or run an installation program from CD.
    • Insist that a certain viewer version is installed.
    • Use the supplied Viewer Browser to find viewer information
    You can also check that the user has viewers for up to 10 other files (without having to display the files at startup).
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