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findinsite-ms feature list

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Sites using fis-ms
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  • findinsite-ms is a search engine for a web site or Intranet using a Microsoft server
  • findinsite-ms integrates fully with your site
  • findinsite-ms doesn't show ads from your competitors
  • findinsite-ms highlights words in web pages
  • findinsite-ms is available as a package for your site, or as a hosted search
  • findinsite-ms has won various awards
Search engine:   A full-text search engine for your site:
• Enter text into a search form
findinsite-ms displays a results list
• Click to show a result, with word highlighting in web pages

Servers:   • ASP.NET 2 application
• For web sites and Intranets using Microsoft servers
• Works on shared hosts

Highlighting:   • Shows highlighted excerpts from files in the results list
Highlights found search words in displayed web pages
• Jumps straight to first occurrence on web page

Indexing:   • Schedule regular indexing runs
• Email of indexing results

Languages:   findinsite-ms output generated in user's preferred language
• Currently, 29 Western and Asian languages are supported, including most European Union languages

Search features:   • Logical searches AND OR NOT ( )
• Full wild card support
• Word stemming and synonyms
• Searches multiple web sites - choose which to search
• Meta-data field searches

Easily configured:   • Browser-based control panel
• Full control of indexing features
General, Searching, Look and Feel, Indexing, About and Log sections

Output format:   • HTML template files for the results list elements
• Heading, Top, Line, Bottom, Footer and Error Display templates
• Adjustable number of hits per results page
• ASPX included files can use findinsite-ms form variables

Search API:   • Programmer interface - XML web service
• Customise, filter or rearrange the results list

Speed:   • Search database held in memory
• Thread safe searches

Site size:   • Shared hosts: 3,000-10,000 files typical maximum
• Dedicated hosts: 40,000-60,000 files typical maximum

Coming Soon:   • Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF®) search


White papers etc (online)

findinsite-ms technical details

Platform:   • Runs in IIS 6 in Windows Server 2003
• Runs in IIS 5 in Windows XP Professional
• Runs in IIS 7 in Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7
• Uses flat files - no database needed
• Uses the .NET framework 2.0+
• ASP.NET 1.1 version also available

File types:   • HTML web pages, including ASP, ASPX etc -
    supports 32 web page character sets, including multi-byte non-Western charsets
• Adobe PDF
• Word DOC and DOCX
• Excel XLS and XLSX
• PowerPoint PPT/PPS/PPTX presentation
• Publisher PUB
• TXT plain text
• JPEG and TIFF image meta-data
• No application programs are needed!
• Not all file format variants supported
FindexApp console .NET application indexer also available
FindinSite.TextExtractor .NET text and word parser class library DLL available separately

Installation:   • XCOPY installation, ie copy directory to server
• Mark directory as an Application
• ASPNET and Anonymous file write permission needed
• Works on ISP shared host web sites
• Dedicated hosting may be required for larger sites

Search API:   • ASP.NET XML web service with WSDL definition
fisClient Search API helper DLL for .NET

What they say

From: Madhu Shettian, USA.
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010
Thank you for being so humble and kind; though being such a big developer in responding to my have been down to earth...
From: Marc Wojtowicz, for Realtors Land Institute, USA.
Date: Monday, July 06, 2009
We have been using FindinSite-MS on the website for the past several months, and are pleased with its operation. It was relatively easy to customize the search results page and the indexing options we were interested in changing, and it has worked reliably since we deployed it. Thanks for a great product!
From: Rob Ingram, Fuse Digital Ltd, UK.
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008
If it helps we're very impressed with the product and will almost certainly be using it for more projects in the future. :)
From: Gerard W. Neuls, Lackmann Culinary Services, USA.
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007
Hey, late yesterday afternoon I tied everything down and my tests were good, I showed the boss.  It's not often (okay, never really) that he gives out a compliment.  I think I (well we really) wowed him.
From: Tom Davis, General Glyphics, Inc., USA.
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006
I just love this tool. It is much better than we first expected. The multiple indexes is particularly nice.
From: Brian Donahue, red-gate software, UK.
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005
We've been using the FindInSite search engine flawlessly for about 6 weeks. We do use the current release that you'd done after making the modifications for us to use all of the features of the webservice and so far nobody's reported a problem, fingers crossed!
From: Anderson, Norway.
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005
Thank you so much for helping me and my company, the solution is really functioning this time. Once again thanks for all support, I am a very satisfied customer at the moment.
From: Mark Braun, Germany.
Date: 8 June 2005
Perfect! This is what I call 'service'!
In this afternoon our customer will decide if he will use your search engine for his embeded website search. But he can't say no after I have told him how smooth and fast it is!
From: Colin Mason, Level 7 Solutions, USA.
Date: 18 May 2005
I've been looking for a good .net site search tool for a while.  I've been using the Google Site Search thing, but it puts competitors ads on the search results page.  findinsite-ms fit the bill perfectly.  It was easy to install and get running and it adds a very professional site search to my website that will undoubtedly give my visitors a good impression of my site.

You're doing a great job and keep it up  ...  I've looked and looked for something I like and have not found anything until findinsite-ms.

From: Michael Irene.
Date: 15 Mar 2005
Okay, so after trying a couple of other local search products with limited success, I decided to give findinsite-ms a whirl. It just impressed the hell out of me.
From: Mike Chatha,, UK.
Date: 26 Jan 2005
findinsite-ms is really impressive and does everything we need... it's great that we can build it right into our apps.

Press coverage

FindMySoft review, February 2010

FindinSite-MS delivers a powerful search engine that you can customize to meet your specific needs.
What FindinSite-MS does is take the functionality provided by a free search and makes it better.

  • Customizable search engine for your website of intranet
  • Good language support
  • Can be used on an intranet, behind the firewall
  • None that I could think of
***** Excellent review
***** Safe to install

Visual Systems Journal (VSJ), April 2005

You don't have to Google
Adding a custom search facility to an ASP.NET web site is usually regarded as tedious, and is often more difficult than you imagine.  This can result in designers relying on out-of-site search engines, which also tend to be out of their control.  PHDCC has an alternative in findinsite-ms...

Sites using findinsite-ms

Press releases

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